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The Autonomous Enterprise 


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What will you learn?

How to match the market pace of business process automation in your organization. 


The latest innovations and applications that are driving business process automation

See how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) can improve operations and the journey to find the "right one"

Learn about what trends you can expect in the future as this industry continues to evolve

Learn from industry experts

Join to hear from leading experts in process mining, intelligent automation, and intelligent document processing.

The Journey Towards the Autonomous Enterprise

While the journey towards the Autonomous Enterprise has gathered momentum in some organizations, many others are stuck in the early adoption stages of business process automation. Hindered by subjective decision-making, they fail to choose the processes to automate that deliver the best outcomes, leading to disillusionment with their initiatives.

Sarah Burnett 200x200

Sarah Burnett

Chief Technology Evangelist at and the author of “The Autonomous Enterprise – Powered by AI”


Scott Lee

Chief Revenue Officer, AYR